Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What if they succeed in over turning the Brexit vote ?

Only the very naive would deny that right now the EU favouring Elite is trying to figure out if it can get away with over turning the referendum vote.

Just in case you are reading this many years from now I'll list a few of the excuses, but really you just need to listen to the BBC at any time to have a stream of them pumped into your stream of consciousness.

1) Its no fair !
2) Unwashed people and poor people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human to be allowed to vote.
3) Old people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human and old to be allowed to vote
4) If we had another referendum the result might be one we like more.
5) It was an advisory referendum anyway - so we can just change it.

There loads more being dreamt up by Lawyers suddenly wanting to point out how tied into the EU our law is and that it might be somehow illegal to ever leave.

Those who are determined to overcome the referendum have a chance of succeeding as they have most of the power in our society.

Those of us who voted against the instructions of our government, various ( though not all ) trade unions, various left wing political parties, the BBC ( you know which way all their staff vote don't you ), the Guardian, the courts - we don't count.

Not even, according to the elite - if they over turn the result, our votes would count.

In the end it would be the extinction event for democracy in the United Kingdom. Oh an essentially ceremonial pretend form would be there to fool the unwary, but we will all know that when push comes to shove the elite will always get their way.

No one will be able to argue for campaigning for an outcome and using democracy if it is opposed by the elite.

The evidence would stair us back in the face every time. "Remember 2016"would be the refrain.

How else do people dispute injustice if not through democracy ?

If the elite have their way we will find out.


Barnacle Bill said...

I fear our political elites have already begun to stitch us up.

Quisling Cameroon did it with his resignation and not invoking Article 50 immediately. Both acts guaranteeing a delay in anything getting done. Then we suddenly find that both major parties of political elites decide to have leadership problems adding to the delays.

Now we have May, a not-fit-for-purpose Home Office vagina, being handed the keys to Number 10. Another spineless jelly in the same mould as the Quisling, i.e easily controlable. Her instructions to call a snap general election linked to a second referendum have already been programmed into her tiny brain.

Unless we have an uprising by the proles we are going to be stuck in an endless loop of snap general elections, referendums and the judicary sticking their noses into the democratic process.

James Higham said...

They won't.

Bill Chapman said...

I don't think anyone seriously wants to overturn the vote. The referendum was not a first-past-the-post election, of course. The government must take both sides into account, when deciding about our future relationship with the EU. We need to be half in and half out, on the basis of the most recent result. The next referendum, on the results of anmy negotiations, may give a very different result.

rapscallion said...

That is utter rubbish on stilts. The question was "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?"
The answer was NO, and was the largest mandate in British Political History. You might not like the result, but the fact is that millions voted to leave. Those who lost don't count. They are in a minority.

Or does democracy mean something else these days?

rapscallion said...
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Man in a Shed said...

Sorry Rapscallion - your comment awaited moderation ( each post only accepts comments automatically for a few days ).

Just been away from things with a crisis at work and general exhaustion post referendum.