Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cameron has gone to war against his own country

Frankly the statement made by David Cameron outside Downing street is the most contemptible ever made by a British prime minister in that location. He deliberately uses the term Europe when he means EU to deceive and mislead.

He has tried to use fear and lies to enslave a once free and self governing democratic nation. He has shown his pathetic loyalty to the EU super state - and he lies about the consequence of the continuing pursuit of the EU superstate by Brussels.

Trying to hide his contemptible failure in reforming the EU by blaming those who want a free country as a threat is the action of a scoundrel.

You will know the quality of many in the area of politics by if they follow him.

They need to know they will *never* be politically forgiven nor will their actions be forgotten.

The consequences of the approach taken by Cameron will have repercussion including the invalidation of a remain vote- since it is being offered under a false prospectus.


James Higham said...

The man lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Anonymous said...

Anyone would think that he had sworn an oath of loyalty to the EU...
...oh, hang on