Sunday, November 01, 2015

The only question remaining is who is Labour selling us out to ?

On top of Jeremy Corbyn's statement that he won't use Trident even if I'm asked to keep it we have the Scottish branch of Labour voting against Trident but for the money to be taken from English working class taxpayers to bribe a few voters on the Clyde anyway.

In this world you either have a capable nuclear weapons system of you beg the protection of someone else - like Ukraine did when they foolishly took the assurances of the UK, US and Russia that in exchange for surrendering its legacy Soviet weapons cache.

Of course as the Ukraine found out not actually having the weapons means you reply in other being willing to trade their cities for your territorial integrity ... which in the final analysis almost no power - including the US - will do. ( This is the point of an independent nuclear deterrent folks. )

Who will we have to beg to protect us once Labour are in power ?

Putin and Russia ?
The EU and France ?
The US ( implied if you stay in NATO )?
Chine ?
India ?
( I assume even Labour aren't insane enough to think North Korea or Iran will do ? )

In the old cold war days when Corbyn was giving hope and encouragement to those trying to kill UK citizens and murder police men and soldiers in North Ireland - the role of the nuclear disarmament brigade was to deliver the KGB objectives, perhaps the betrayal to the IRA was also.

We all knew it - but which of our enemies is Labour trying to sell us out to this time ?

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