Saturday, June 13, 2015

In response to Tim Stanley and the Conservative hand ringers

I hear a lot of this UKIP can't be allowed stuff ( from CCHQ friendly journalists especially ). The alternative seems to be the trust Cameron idea that tame Conservative Eurosceptics have swallowed with a sudden outbreak of Stockholm syndrome.

Well here's the thing - almost by definition no one in UKIP trusts David Cameron, now or ever again. Its just a fact that Conservative Outers ( not the same as fair weather Euroscepticism with half an eye on their careers ) need to accept.

Writing articles saying "UKIP must ..." is really writing propaganda for the Yes campaign - because frankly if we trusted the Conservative or Labour parties then many of us would still be in them.
There needs to be a start - and it will be made by those who turn out and turn up.

Many UKIP members like myself would welcome those from all or any political party who want a sovereign and democratic country restored. Those who have to wait to see which way the wind is blowing and the fine detail of the renegotiation frankly aren't going to be much use to anyone.
The train is leaving - get on and join in and stop whining.

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James Higham said...

The single, credible voice left on this issue in the public sphere, at this time, is one Nigel Farage.