Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So what is Cameron up to fixing the referendum by abolishing Purdah ?

With David Cameron you always need to watch what he's up to. He's spending a lot of political capital over turning the rule of keeping government announcements out of pre election periods.

So what's up ?

Is it really true that we can't function without it ? That is certainly the line Cameron is trying to push.

Or could it be that if the opinion polls show the rule by the EU side close to losing Cameron wants the option of emergency bias and propaganda to prevent the UK regaining its sovereignty ?

Perhaps there is something in EU law that forbids Purdah anyway - and Cameron just doesn't want this.

It extraordinary, exceptional and highly suspicious.


The Telegraph reports that " For their part, ministers argue that purdah is “unworkable and inappropriate”; they are concerned that it will cause problems because of the volume of day-to-day business that involves the EU."

So its turns out we can't run the country as the EU is so totally infested into our government for 28 days ...

That's quite an admission to the debate is it not ?

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