Saturday, August 30, 2014

Things are looking up for England but worrying for Scotland

First the good news

But from Scotland as the Nat hate campaign gets out of hand even forcing Labour politicians to stop there democratic right to campaign ;n police safety advice things look terrible. ( And the polls make grim reading for Unionists who might soon wake up in an alien country run by the thugs who are driving politicians of the streets ).

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TheFatBigot said...

The comment I have heard most often from those Scots who want more control over their political destiny is a desire for a hard-left socialist state.

They don't use that term, of course, they speak of "a more equal country" or "a fairer society", but when questioned further the society they desire bears a strong resemblance to Albania under Ever Hoxha.

Dedicated Lefties have no time for dissenters. It has always been so and is so still.

Let them have it, say I. Let them provide yet another example of the socially repressive and economically bankrupt society that always results from so-called Socialist principles being put into effect.

And let England thrive, free from the huge subsidy it pays Scotland and free from Scottish Socialist MPs.