Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Summer with no silly seaon

I seem to have got out of the habit of blogging this summer.

But then its not the only anomoly this summer:

Instead of a silly season we're having are rather serrious one.

In the Ukraine the twin functionalities of an expansionist and irresponsible European Union is meeting the intransigence of the Putin run Russia. In cold war days there would ahve been no tins of baked beans left int he supermarkets and everyone would have been sending their families to stay with normally ignored relatives away from key cities and military targets for nuclear attack. We all seam much calmer, but perhaps we are fooling ourselves.

In Syria those of us who worried that backing those ranged against the mad and bad Assad regime for fear of the Islamic Jihad Demons who might replace him have been rpoven right - with the shocking invasion of Iraq. The failure to protect the long standing Christian population tells us all we should already have understood about Cameron and Obama. It was only when another religious minority was publicised as being attacked that these failed leaders did anything.

Lets not forget the latest round in the Hamas vs Israel war. Reports have leaked to show how much the western media was intimidated and manipulated by the same evil extremist ideology that murders it was across parts of Syria and Iraq right now.

And to top it all a major volcanic eruptions is likely in Iceland ( one geological report I saw mentioned a Laki - I hope just to suggest a small fissure type eruption - because if its a rerun of Laki then we are all in a lot of trouble ).

Nothing silly happening at all - just the potentially terrifying ....


James Higham said...

Funny that, MiaS, I was thinking of your Silly Week and the silly season itself seems to have seen many at home, reading.

Man in a Shed said...

Maybe I should try again - but next year. This one is looking far to serious and grim.

James Higham said...

It's not looking too good at all. Will we all be on the net next year?