Thursday, September 04, 2014

Wither the Union - through neglect, cowardice and appeasement

It's hard to choose between weeping and crying for the campaign to save the United Kingdom. The negative fear laden appeasement based campaign run by labour certainly deserves to lose based on how it had conducted itself. The positive case for Britain hasn't featured, but perhaps that's because it was conceded in 1997. John Major may well be proven right with his warning that we have 24 he's left to save the Union. Devolution conceded much of the ground, combined with the thinly disguised Anglophobia that the Scottish Lib Dems and Scottish Labour thought they could use to bloke the Conservatives from power for ever. But having unleashed that hateful demon they can no longer control their creation and if has become the unholy creator of the Nationalists. I could lay into the SNP here with their racist Anglophobic implications about Scots being the only ones who care, but I want to bemoan how the argument for the UK has been lost. Labour are primarily and chiefly to blame - with a side swipe at David Cameron for letting the bunch of numpties that are the Labour party in Scotland run anything. ( After all its not as if there isn't plenty of evidence of the mess they make from when they lead their party to destroy the UK economy under the previous government. )

For example Ed Miliband is today engadged in some soprt of Tory hating Dutch auction with the Nats today. What he doesn't get is when he boils the continuation of the United Kingdom to whether the Tories can be kept out he's effectively undermined the case for staying in. ( Yes the people of a future Scotland would have top learn that "The facts of life are essentially Tory" the hard way - which is why they can't understand that from the imature position of current Scottish only politics ).

No one has dared to stand up to the Nationalists and say - you know what there is something good about the Union, and a key part of that is the English. If you really can't get over the Mel Gibson historical fiction then go ahead and leave - because you don't deserve to be in this Union.

Instead we have yet more appeasement of separation from the supposed Unionist side - who are laying the foundations of their own eventual defeat.

Instead we should make a positive pro-Union case - with no bribery, or threats, for voting for it, and a take it or leave it message.

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Anonymous said...

Scotland's decision. Give the losers in the referendum no excuses whatsoever to bleat on about why they lost.
Let us in the remaining three nations keep out of it.
If Scotland stays, good...if she goes, well, all the best.