Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Well it looks like the by-election in Newark will show that the combined payroll activists and what is still a well oiled professional political machine can win a by-election.

The Tory machine will try to use this to draw a line under the Euro Parliament peasants revolt.

The plebs, they will argue, have been whipped back into line.

The universal chorus of the media will all broadcast CCHQ's media line in unison.

Only this isn't really it - the truth is UKIP are involved in a long war, not a short fight.

UK sovereignty won't be returned by Euro elections and certainly not be the hopelessly compromised Conservative party.

Its going to be a long campaign.

UKIP need to think long term. Think party membership, philosophical underpinning, education of the public - especially the young.

I doubt we will win back our country any time soon, but the fight is worthy and will never be won by those who fear to make a start or who are put of by single election results or the now totalitarian universal dismissal of the UK media.

There will be much hardship to come - so we need to think strategically and plan long term.

PS If Newark turns out to be a surprise, then I'll be delighted, but it won't change the fact that we are perhaps only at the end of the beginning. Its a long way to go before UKIP has its D-Day to liberate our country ( and possibly many others ).

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