Monday, June 02, 2014

Devolution is a one way street and Scotland's Tories are pressing on the accelerator

Its true that having spending power without responsibility for raising the money is a recipe for left wing adolescent ( the Scottish and Welsh devolution experiments prove this point overwhelmingly ).

But it is also a political fact of life that devolution is the road to separation. The more devolution you have ( the more 'powers') the less of a Union you have. Like the European Union - powers only ever transfer in one direction.

Between the EU and the anti-English devolution settlement created by Blair and the deeply sectarian anti-English Labour party to slowly but surely dissolve the UK whilst preventing England ever having national political identity.

Who knows if the Scottish Tories had this sacrifice more of the Union for votes idea themselves or were told to read it out to help David Cameron and George Osborne's political careers last a little longer. What we can be sure of is that no one who cares about the UK was involved in the process.

Let us not forget that Tax varying powers already exist in the devolved powers. They haven't been used for two good reasons;

1) it would be hellishly difficult and expensive to administer;
2) given that Scotland receives extra bribe money from English tax payers by way of spending that's denied people of equal need in the English part of the United kingdom how would anyone tell if Scotland was really paying for more Socialist failure schemes or just bleeding the needy of England a little bit more ?

This is just another bodge on the road to separation by a political party that once campaigned to save the Union.

All the Conservative party seems to be about these days is a few individuals with a high sense of entitlement's political careers.

PS If you don't believe me just look at the spin that's already been put out to argue that Cameron shouldn't have to resign if he loses Scotland ...

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