Sunday, March 30, 2014

Labour see devolution just as an anti-Tory measure

Ed Miliband was busy trying to cheer up the Welsh Labour party - you know the one in government and responsible for the dire failure of the Welsh NHS and Education systems - with promises of more capability to damage destroy,  ruin and in now many cases prematurely end peoples lives with the curse of socialism.

Why ?

Because they are still pursuing the Brown model of devolution as a way to keep Labour in power for ever and have the English pay for it.

Labour want to destroy the Union yet further with their anti-English devolution fix up.

No parliament for England, no government for England because Labour worry they won;'t be able to damage peoples lives by being in government all the time and enriching themselves and their offspring.

I@m not sure why Labour is bothering to argue for the Union in Scotland as it has a clear hatred of the English and their views. Indeed about the only thing Labour likes about England is our money.

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