Monday, March 31, 2014

The government prepares to further damage the family

Fresh from its assault against the family by implementing the shocking redefinition of marriage of everyone in the country the government has another cultural Marxist idea up its sleeve.

Making emotional cruelty an offence in the family.

Its another hard to define category that will create fear of the state, and also create further a culture of victim hood which appeals to the state top  resolve issues in the family.

We can all look forward to being prosecuted in the future by our children if we try to discipline them. ( Oh yes you can hear the reassurance from the government that the law won't be used for that - but if the redefinition of marriage has taught us anything its that government reasurrances are just empty worthless word- remember the consultation sham. )

Will there be any Cultural Marxism left for #RedEd to implement after this Coalition has finished ?

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