Sunday, July 01, 2012

My guess on Cameron's latest EU tease

What you need to remember with David Cameron is that he has default techniques for dealing with problems.

His standard approach to things he is going to be forced to do ( by the Lib Dems, EU, Sam & the right of his party ) is to PREEMPT.

He is especially keen on this approach when his hand is being forced by an unpopular organisation like the EU. ( Examples ? Pledging to leave EPP group, the pasty tax and the Lib Dems anti marriage plan to end its meaning ).

Just over a day or so we heard there would be no UK powers transferred with the next step to the oligarchical super state that is to replace democracy in Europe ( they of course give it another name ).

Now we hear a referendum of some sort is on the cards - what is he preempting ?

Clearly he's been told the EU must be given more of our sovereignty and democracy and he trying the usual PR tricks to "handle it".


Durotrigan said...

You're right. Contrary to the headlines suggesting otherwise, Cameron has no intention of allowing us to have a referendum on EU membership unless it is at a time that suits his specific agenda. If people actually bothered to read his article rather than the headlines that it has generated, they would see that he unambiguously says that he will be pushing for the UK to stay in the EU:

James Higham said...

The bottom line is that Cameron does not care to have us withdraw in the least. He's an EUphile who wants to be the power behind it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are reading too much into it.

The Tory top brass has been enthusiastic about the EU, since the 50s. Occasionally it's necessary to make empty gestures to pacify their supporters.

Cameron isn't really saying anything, he's hoping that by false hints he can relieve the pressure.

There won't be a referendum if Cameron can avoid it, and if there is it will be at a time, so worded, and with a publicity campaign to produce the answer he wants; we stay in the EU. Another dodge, which Hague was hinting at, is that it wouldn't be until after the important decisions had been made and it was rubber stamping a fait accompli.

It's quite clear they are hell-bent we are staying in the EU, on any terms and they'll tell any lies, mislead us, and do whatever they need to to assure that.

The way the three parties behaved over the Lisbon Treaty was very instructive.