Saturday, June 02, 2012

The EU referendum is unlikely to satisfy

Its been almost an article of faith amongst Eurosceptics that an In/Out Referendum would be won by those who wish the UK to regain its sovereignty.

This is certainly the assumption of the Conservative, Labour and preserve us the Lib Dems. They know saying there will be referendum is popular ( so they have some have been happy to promise one of sorts on Lisbon ), but they have feared letting us have one.

But the damn may not be able to be held back much longer. UKIP is looking like ensuring there can be no majority Conservative future govt. The Euro has made the Lib Dems euro-quisling stance very toxic indeed. And even Labour senses the tactical opportunity to light the blue touch paper for Tory self destruction by committing to one.

But would it be won ?

Here is where I have doubts. I think the public want to leave the EU, but may be too scared to do so.

Bad economic news and fear may make the voter cling to nurse for fear of what may be worse.

And all this talk of referendums from the Conservatives, Lib Dems & Labour I think means that they have sensed this is likely to be the outcome also.

After all Ireland just voted for Euro slavery - again.

Those who want our country to regain its independence may have to think beyond a defeat in a referendum. Eggs need to be in more than one basket here.

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Anonymous said...

So 30% of the Irish electorate voted yes, 20% voted no, and 50% didn't care. Sounds like the result we would get in the UK today.

I predict we will get a similar result in the Scottish independence referendum as well - that is, 30% will vote to keep the status quo and 50% don't give a shit