Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The equality industry will make clients of us all and damage everyone

Just listening to the news this morning three news items jumped out:

  1. Calls for being Fat to be added to those protected by the equality act, due to the problem of body image with kids.
  2. Lord Browne calls for "more to be done" for Gays in industry. I think I heard quotas and targets mentioned.
  3. Alan Milburn wades into the social mobility debate by calling on professions to encourage people from "poor" backgrounds, especially in Medicine.
Every one of these issues is what my branch of engineering would call a tail pipe solution. All are unable to consider the underlying issue, some of the for fear of the political implications.

Each one demands an extension to the equality policies that make judgements arbitrary and directly remove equal rights from some ( like the right to work in case 2 ) to replace them to their clients.

This sort of discrimination has been tried, and is still undertaken in the United States, where quotas mean if you come from a racial group the state discourages then you won't get to University. If your in the wrong racial group you can't bid for some government contracts. The result is low standards and poor work, but the result has also been a client base for the left of centre Democrat party of people who know in a fair competition they wouldn't have their jobs or businesses, and thus are obliged to keep the protection racked going by supporting the democrats.

It represses freedom, creates deep injustice and provides a guaranteed supporters base to those who set the system up.

You can see why the left (inc the BBC)  are so keen on it.

But remember any dysfunctions in society continues ( for example poor education results from the state system ) and it is only punishing those who have done well by removing their human rights hand them to others. That's a nasty sort of state, and not one any right thinking person should wish on us here in England. But it is where the progressive left are marching us.

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