Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So what does Obama want all of a sudden ?

Its easy to understand what the UK wants from the US. UK strategic policy is based on being as close to the US as possible in the hope of influence.

But what does Obama want back ? Because lets be frank he hasn't been the UK's biggest fan, eg:

  • The crucifixion of BP ( at a scale that would never have happened to a US based company ) - with the emphasis on its historical name British Petroleum.
  • Handing the missile codes for the missiles the UK uses in Trident to our key potential enemy - against our direct wishes.
  • Supporting Argentina and its savage aggressive colonialist wish to exterminate the people and their culture on the Falklands.
  • The extremist extradition policy the US is operating against UK citizens.
So what does Barrack want from Dave that leading to the short joy ride to Ohio to watch a basket ball game ?

Last time this trick was tried was when Clinton tried to mend fences with John Major.

What are they after ? How much is it going to cost and will it be payable in blood ?


Henry Crun said...

It's re-election time for the coffee coloured Tony Blair, so he has to make it look like he's making good on that hope and change bullshit he promised 4 years ago

Barnacle Bill said...

Perhaps a British passport incase he doesn't get re-elected.
Then again I don't think extradition laws are one of his strong points.

Man in a Shed said...

I guess a real show stopper would be to hand Obama a peace of paper, saying we've found your birth certificate after all this time ;-) - here's a British passport ! [ Juts joking ]