Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cleggie on the radio

I wonder if the producer on Radio 4's Today realises how boring their continual attempts to trip up politicians rather than learn something from them are in radio interviews.

Thanks to the line of questioning which was all - tell us about how you were stabbed in the back by Cameron and your plans to return the favour - all we got was the usual pleading by Clegg to his own membership that look the good things are all Lib Dem in the world and all evil is Tory. ( There will be plenty, perhaps most the the weird sect that is the Lib Dems who believe all that guff, along with our joining the Euro and surrendering to a EU superstate being a good idea - but Radio 4 shouldn't be about them. )

Of course Clegg could have stood up to them and just told them where to get off, but these days he lacks the self confidence and strength of character to do that.

Perhaps that's the news after all ....

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