Thursday, January 05, 2012

I like Diane Abbott but

The now infamous tweet from Diane Abbott MP hasn't been taken out of context. ( The hash tag she used herself shows that she was referring to the present ).

She initially refused to apologies - all we got was weasel words. Even now that #RedEd has been on the case the line carries on being about being misunderstood.

We understood you fine Diane, and what's more you know we did.

Should she be fired ? I hope not. She's one of the few MPs with character who is capable on occasion of being  brilliant and independent minded. Yes she's suffered from the intellectual and moral failure of being a socialist, but we are all fallible.

But let remember next time some one from a different race or political creed makes a similar type of gaff not to build up that bonfire on the vanities any higher.

When someone says something racist they need putting right  not, in most instances, having their careers and lives ruined.

Perhaps this stupidity with John Terry could be treated the same way.


Antisthenes said...

Rather destroys the myth that only white skinned people are racist. She is a hypocrite who is fighting a laudable cause but not in a way that does that cause much credit. All she and people like her do is cause resentment that gives fuel to racism. Being left wing we know that what she spouts is going be absolute short sighted rubbish and she is capable of any means fair or foul to advance her beliefs. I cringe when I here her speak as it tells me that she is far from being an intellectual rather she practices the politics of envy and suffers from a superiority complex and is rather dumb.

Anonymous said...

You say:
"She's one of the few MPs with character who is capable on occasion of being brilliant and independent minded".

You don't have a very high benchmark where these matters are concerned. In fact I'd say you were very easily pleased.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah, but I don't find Abbott's comment in any way racist. She's probably right. Clearly, everybody in a position of any power whatsoever - and this includes all races and religions - does a bit of divide and conquer.

I mean, had she said "White men just like looking at women's tits" would that be any more racist than saying "Black men just like looking at women's tits"? Both these statements are perfectly true and not in any way offensive.

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - This was one of her finer moments.

Elby the Beserk said...


Here is what it is about - she was bitching at another black woman for disagreeing with her

Elby the Beserk said...

MW - thanks to Labour the definition of a racist offence is anything that someone finds racially offensive. So if just one whitey is racially offended by Abbotts gross stupidity, then she has - according to legislation enacted by her government - committed a racial offence.

Or she could use the defence used by the black Bristol councillor done for calling a fellow Indian councillor a "coconut" - "I can't be racist - I'm black".

Question for all. Why do we never hear white "community leaders" interviewed on the BBC? And who elects all these "community leaders" we DO hear? Such as the odious and bonkers Lee Jasper