Monday, November 28, 2011

The BBC frames the agenda

Wow - on at least two BBC news outlets with different reporters I've seen the same BBC message.

That message is 'this week will be when people make up their minds - particularly in relation to the strikes on Wednesday'.

Just to tell people what to think the BBC interviewed a thousand people across the country ( ie with a much higher than average public sector worker count - or relatives of such ) and found that 60% supported the insane moon on a stick grind everyone else into poverty demands of the public sector Unions. ( ComRes poll for BBC Radio 5 Live ). No context - no explaination of how many polled had relatives who stood to gain from bleeding the rest of the country dry.

The BBC is now setting the terms on how people will think - i.e. its leading the debate.

Fine for the Guardian or Independent ( which as we all know is anything but ), but its a breach of trust for the BBC. But then again its nothing new.

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Anonymous said...

Well as a public sector worker I shall be working on Wednesday. I have a duty to do so, the current pension system is frankly unsustainable without reform. Given we are living much longer, I either pay more, have less or retire later. As a part-time teacher (no long holidays - no work = no pay!) when School is on holiday, I am not at work and therefore unpaid. Nor am I unemployed apparently, and 13 weeks of the year I get nothing! Still I love the job and would love a full time post! Teachers are not all socialist, although this one became an ex-conservative this year, or should one say ex-liberal given the current shower masquerading as a government!
For rather obvious reasons, I regret that I had best remain anonymous... TTFN :)