Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reality denial leads to debt denial, ignorant greed and strikes

What is Labour promising ?

Labour is 90% Union funded, and these days that means public sector Union funded ( really tax payer funded as lots of lovely kickbacks are given to the public sector unions such as the pilgrims and the union modernisation fund etc.

And yet do you hear Labour saying it will restore public sector pensions back to where they are now ?

The silence is deafening.

Now striking public sector union people, especially those of you using children and the safety of our country's borders a hostage, not even the main left wing party you fund has any plans to restore pensions to that demands your making.

This is before you take into account the way the last Labour government destroyed private sector pensions ( if you don't know anyone in the private sector then ask ). These are the same people who are expected to pay for your generous retirement who have had there's removed and worse of all have to have their taxes vastly increased to pay for your. ( And by the way due to Labour's debt crisis the annuities on sale this year are 30% lower than previous years - that's right many private sector pensioners are getting a 30% cut ion top of the loses Labour enforced on them due to Brown's stealth taxes and destruction of private sector pension schemes. They are also suffering negative interests rates of between 2-3% - which is effectively a tax on those poor souls who saved anything for their retirement. And yet still you put you greed first by going on strike ! ).

The economy's a mess. Mostly its Labour's mess - the political party most of you support, so your responsible for all the misery and debt denial yourselves also. So there is zero moral case for strike today, and no prospect of getting what you want.

Even if you win some concessions, they will have to be removed in the future as things are just unaffordable as they are. ( When I've mentioned this on twitter I occasionally get some self deluded responses about the rich paying - well the rich will just leave taking their spending and jobs with them making the crisis even worse so your policy of vindictive envy is also self defeating - as the 1970's should have taught everyone ).

So this is a strike that not even Labour support which is routed in reality denial, injustice, greed, and debt denial. Its morally reprehensible and anyone involved should feel the deep shame.

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