Monday, October 17, 2011

Signalling market failure

David Cameron is falling into the trap #RedEd has laid for him, ably assisted by that national disgrace as a minister Chris Huhne.

Apparently Energy companies are to be told to ... and here its get vague, but the public are meant to hear the words reduce prices.

What he's saying is the market isn't working - either through collaboration ( legal or not ) and/or due to a failure of competition.

When we all know one of the key factors in increasing electricity prices is the green costs government has bundled onto consumers. ( #RedEd is as guilty as the disgrace Huhne in this department. )

By calling the companies together Cameron gives weight to the argument that their is a conspiracy and that markets don't work.

Its a spectacular home goal born of a lack of self confidence and very very short term thinking. Plus perhaps desperation to hide the cruel costs that mindless green fascism is putting on top of the poorest in this country.

Its a depressing sight.

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Woman on a Raft said...

Most people involved in such protests have switched off from mainstream politics: they believe it's a rich-person's club and totally impenetrable to reason or pressure.

I'd say he was correct in that. It is also a view of people who don't go on protests. The government has very little support. Its main feature seems to be that at least it isn't led by Gordon Brown, who had become sand in the nation's thong.