Saturday, October 15, 2011

An inflection point could be close

Things could suddenly move a pace. The financial crisis really could yet lead to revolution, most likely in some southern European states.

The US will soon be insolvent, the UK is not certain to survive due to separatism and debt.

No wonder the left are getting so excited - they dream of this stuff. The key moment when the men with machine guns take over the government buildings...

The democratic right has no such tradition - and needs to be careful of those who have dreamed of this all their political lives.

Further: I'm not a fan of Paul Mason's politics, but he does articulate things well. He's a left-winger of the most dangerous type, but he also is a journalist trying to communicate and its worth reading his post of the leftist Occupy spurt of protests - see here.

As it happens I don't think these are the real thing. But he's right someone has to pay - and its going to be the middle classes. Once they full understand we can expect an Argentine pot banging response - and then the moment of real danger will have arrived.

People on the hard left are waiting for their moment. Their people in the media, government and political parties have hoped and done their godless version of praying for this moment. They will try to take full advantage of it.


Anonymous said...

The fact that your post has so far received no comments says it all.

As a nation we are disinterested, and are sleep walking towards disaster.

Woman on a Raft said...

No, it's just I wanted to think about it for a while as it was put in oblique terms.

Looking at some of the reponses on websites to the occupy the LSX and other places, I'd say not only the left but also the right are poised.

I'm not even sure there is much difference between them at the point where both philosophies become absolutely determined to direct all the materiel in society and all labour, it's only a question of which of them can command the popular support to push through their control.