Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'd get a bit depressed if it was for the thought of #SillyWeek on Monday

Well things are grim.

First there's the horror in Norway and the almost unspeakable act of taking unarmed innocent lives whilst they are in a state of terror. Its bad when the Taliban and other Jihadist nutters do it, and its bad when other terrorists do it. Thankfully I believe in divine justice as well as temporal imperfect justice and unless those involved in these outrages repent and throw themselves on God's generous mercy through the sacrifice of his son then they can look forward to some real terror under his judgement.

Then there's been the reaction to all this, much of it opportunist anti free-speech stuff. Journalists use the excuse to swipe at bloggers, lefties use it to ban those they disagree with, and the EU uses it to set up a proto intelligence and internal repression unit. ( Which I am no doubt now listed with - so may as well say #EUSSR as my name is already "on zee list". )

Add to that the ongoing and ever deepening debt crisis.

Enough to make you weep - if it was for the thought of #SillyWeek starting tomorrow.

So cheer up ( there's not good reason for this - just do it anyway ) and for one week lets liven things up with a bit of humour and good cheer.

I've already seen one of two contributions, but I'll make my first official survey sometime on Monday.

Good luck everyone !

PS Since I'm always going of at my kids about what they watch on the internet I'm not going to be able to link to anything risqué - regardless of how funny it was Mr Big Dollop. Thanks to Google they'll be onto me.

_ Details of #SillyWeek here _


The Big Dollop said...

Not a problem bro ... I have tabled a child friendly replacement on twitter for your perusal.

Yours Aye

North Northwester said...

And so it begins...