Monday, July 25, 2011

We can stand together or hang apart in the face of political terror

Nature abhors a vacuum and the media is far worse.

    There must be reasons for the obscene massacre in Oslo.

    There must be lessons to learn

    There must be something we can do, so it can never happen again.

Well here it comes. Some on the left are making the jump from the stated aims of a deranged terrorist to stating all those aims and issues he mentioned are themselves beyond the pale.

Its an enormous temptation for the left. They, this time, were the target so may feel there's some sympathy and victim ennoblement to be spent in the bank of public opinion. They also have always favoured refusing those they disagree with the right to draw political breath, let alone speak. Here is the perfect excuse to pursue the totalitarian objectives that are implicit in much of left wing politics.

And if they attack, others will respond on the airwaves, though perhaps the left wing bias and bigotry of the likes of the BBC might keep much of it off our airwaves.

And then what have we got ? The debate that the man who stole those lives in Oslo always wanted.

There are times to remember that silence is sometimes a good option. Whilst many of us are political opponents we are also subjects and citizens of the same nations and we all share common interests and common loyalties.

We should stick together. Forget this man who has done evil things, and comfort the bereaved parents, wives and husbands.

We can talk about and debate some of these other issues a little later on, when this man won't be taking the credit.

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