Friday, March 25, 2011

March for pampered privilege and debt denial with Red Ed and the TUC

Here we go. Those sharp minded people at the TUC ( like Bob - tax email to solve the financial crisis - Crow ) have organised the most exciting thing in any leftie's entire life - a protest rally.

They are marching against "cuts".

Of course since trade unions are now almost entirely public sector trade unions what they mean is reductions in the public sector. After all the greatest reduction in manufacturing industry ever in the UK happened under the last Labour govt ( what you don't remember the TUC marches then ? Surely some mistake ! )

The BBC has been doing its eager best to boast interest - running sympathetic pre-event stories etc, after all the freezing of the licence fee impacts them also. ( To get an idea of how over staffed and careless with public money just watch the number of correspondents they send on almost any junket you care to look at - also check out BRMB's offer of running BBC WM at half the price !)

Those of us who live in the productive sector - whose pensions have been drained by Gordon Brown's stealth and then slashed by Brown's mates in Banking, if you didn't lose your job - know all about cuts.

As do those pensioners who see their savings (which they paid tax on #UKUncut parasites take note ) sucked dry by negative real interest rates and the need to live of their capital.

But the privilege and gold plated land of the public sector suffered not a bit. Now they are being asked to join the rest of us in reality, and their reaction and that of the low life Labour councillors who slash vital services whilst keeping high paid council junkets and political projects to feather their own nests with.

In short the march today is all about selfish people being selfish.

No one should be taken in by them.

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James Higham said...

The divide is now a gaping chasm, is it not?