Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Is Obama creating the US's own Suez crisis ?

You have to wonder what Obama is really up to. Revolution in Egypt is in few people's interests, except perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood with its Nazi supporting past and Jihadi supporting present.

But the needle stuck in the "change" grove over on Pennsylvania Avenue.

So is the US ready to contemplate military intervention on a large scale in the rest of the middle east ? Because that's what "change" is likely to bring about.

Fast "change" is very much not in US interests - but when have the long term interests of the US been Obama's concern ?

Our American cousins would do well to remember that Suez has brought about the effective end of the largest empire the world has ever seen, and is capable of doing the same for them ( though of course the irony would be great due to the US betrayal of its allies in the Suez crisis - this time round it might be the refusal of those same allies to support the US that returns the favour ).


Sniper said...

Perhaps he can relyon America'sGreatest Ally - France.

Junius said...

For the past three days according to the news reports we have had 'thousands'milling in the streets of Cairo vocally supporting attempts to remove the President.

Not a sign of any opposition, one would be forgiven for thinking that this was a universally popular movement unopposed by ... well anyone.

So where did all these thousands of the president's supporters come from? And if the real reason for the demonstrations was to instill democracy why did they not accept the offers made?

If Obama thinks he would be enthusiastically accepted by any Muslim Brotherhood Government he's got rocks in his head - an apostate is condemned to death in Islam.

James Higham said...

Obama is himself a shill for interests.

Jacko said...

Is America actually strong enough to occupy the entire Middle East without so damaging its own economy that internal civil strife occurs?