Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Progressive Change !

There I've said it before anyone else tries to.

Since the Obama marketing campaign was so successful in the US a while back the politicos have all been trying to use the word "change".

Of course they are always really vague on what the change is going to be or to where its heading.

We have David Miliband joining the creepy "Movement for Change" as a clear example, but to be fare David Cameron is hardly innocent here.

Its the New Labour obsession with media manipulation and the subconscious communication in the place of political argument thing that's to blame. ( Again Conservatives just as guilty these days with guff like Vote Blue go Green.)

I guess Change was the new New, but now this seasons mindless adjective that justifies no explanation is looking like Progressive.

Judging by the sudden attempts to use the word "progressive" with the loyal ranks of mindless only following orders Labour online activists perhaps were about to get Progressive Labour soon.

But all it means is that no one will ever focus on political argument - just mood music as they chase the ill informed to ensure they get their chance at all the goodies of government as the country slowly slips down the league table of nations under the weight of its debts and denials.

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Elby the Beserk said...

Language abuse. My ex has Progressive MS. She doesn't think much of it, as you might imagine.