Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lies, its all been lies

Its now beyond doubt that the new Labour project has been one long series of lies facilitated by their hired guns of spin and in the media and freed of any inhibitions caused by any basic morality. ( Is it really worth the time listing them all ? Blair and Iraq, and Brown and the PBR where he claims to have not disagreed with Darling and the Treasury will do in passing. )

The truth is now a stranger to British Socialism.

But since they are mostly Godless and have chosen to proceed with their aims by deceit and stealth rather than open debate we can hardly be surprised.

I'm not sure democracy can function without morality, and I'm fairly sure morality is impossible without the potential for judgement that can't be escaped.

Labour seem to be attempting to prove this point.

Somebody should plan to restore justice to our nation and put Blair and Brown on trial for some of the major distortions and abuses of their power and sacred trust they have made during their time in office. If you think pretending to tax bank bonuses would be popular - try that.

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Unknown said...

Oh please put them on trial!

- But not before restoring the Death Penalty for Treason....