Thursday, December 03, 2009

Labour are using the bankers as a smoke screen to escape their responsibilities

Its good politics bashing bankers. Its probably even a reasonable thing to d, since they are now trading on sovereign guarantees actual and implied.

But its not responsible.

Its not sincere either, as Labour control half of the banks and have the ability to enforce their edicts if the chose. But that would mean taking responsibility for the outcome and they are very keen on avoiding any of that.

Unfortunately its a side show in the economic sense of the spectacular disaster Labour have prepared for us all. We are broke, very broke. Its just we don't realise it yet, and they are keen that we don't before the next election.

So a good staged fight against Gordon Brown's until very recently best friends that he destroyed effective regulation to support is just what the Labour spin doctor ordered.

But its killing the country.

And here's the thing, many Labour MP and supporters must be smart enough to know that's true also. But they reckon they will do better personally in power than queuing up at Job Centre-plus's with their former constituents wondering where all the Diversity Officer non-jobs on £70k+ went.

In my view it socially and morally unacceptable to be a member of a party that betrays its people so blatantly and with such callous self interest.

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