Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Healey Sanction

Somebodies being lined up in the cross hairs of the current Labour spin machine.

If you have or earn money your ears might be burning.

Shortly your pips might be squeaking.

Labour need a lot of money and somebody to blame for the desperate financial hole Gordon Brown has dug the country into over 12 years ( from a position of extremely good health I should add ).

The Labour spin machine thinks its found a way to last another 5 years, and as a spending junkie doesn't care about the consequences. Its going to hit and blame the rich.

Two birds with one stone. Mobilises and enthuses their core supporters, which have been hemorrhaging to the BNP, UKIP and Lib Dems, and it allows for the most nakedly political Prime Minister ever to again put his selfish interests before those of the country he is too cowardly to serve by trying to wrong foot the hated Tories into having to defend his former best friends the bankers ( just think back to cash for peerages, the knighthoods and reviews Brown used to get his former city chums to do in exchange for his dismantling effective regulation and oversight with his tripartite dogs breakfast.

The country must burn to share in Labour's defeat. All must be punished. Children's futures sold into debt slavery just so that Balls and Brown can have a few more minutes trying to impose socialism and all its mystery by stealth.

The spirit and spite and deranged false logic of Dennis Healey lives.

Labour are probably about to do it again. The budget review on Weds will give us a hint.


James Higham said...

Labour loses to the BNP and Lib Dems.

The Europhile Tories lose to UKIP and unrepresented Eurosceptic Tories.

LPUK are another thing again.

Man in a Shed said...

Here's the thing - I think UKIP have been taking some of the Labour vote also. Especially when people were very cross over expenses.

The problem I see LPUK having is that they are an ideology not a party. You need a very politically educated electorate to have any hope - and that's just not going to happen.

Can LPUK play down to the mass electorate's level - I have my doubts.

Also the English Democrats put in some very localised strong performances (big in Essex for example).

But my concern is that we will be ruined for decades by the next 12 months. We are heading for a wasted decade like the 70's again.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Labour always do it.

Every single Labour government ends this way.

When will we learn not to elect them any more?