Sunday, October 11, 2009

Govt to sell £3billion of English assets to fund UK - but no Scots assets

You could raise a lot of money if you sold the future rights to tax North Sea oil for example.

But no the Scots lead government of the anti-English Labour party instead plans to:

1) Sell the right to Tax the English for a crossing they have already more than paid for at Dartford.
2) Sell the English student loan book ( maybe some Welsh and Irish in there somewhere ).
3) Sell the Channel Tunnel rail link - which will allow ,money to be raised from the English again

Why not sell the rights to future North Sea Oil and Gas revenues ? That would be simple and there would be plenty of buyers, but of course the unelected Scottish prime minister and the Scottish MP who is Chancellor of the exchequer prefer to sell the English into further debt for the state spending in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that the English fund and Labour won't cut back.


James Higham said...

Hope it's better under the new government.

Maria said...

I think quite a lot of the North Sea gas is in English waters.

Wyrdtimes said...

As far as I can tell your pals the Tories are rubber stamping this theft.

Man in a Shed said...

@Maria - Absolutely - and a lot of the oil as well ( as long as you don't rely on 'neutral' scots in UK Govt to draw the maritime border ).

My point is that I don't see any of Scotland's assets being sold of - and some of them could be converted into cash very easily.

@Wyrdtimes - And on items like the Dartford Bridge and UNRENCO they are wrong. The problem is that this doesn't improve the UK Economy much at all - all it does is put some of our debt off balance sheet and leave those in England to pay it back through other means. The Economy as a whole just gets lent some money that it will have to pay back with interest - and that doesn't help our debt crisis at all.

Whilst I'm a Conservative party member I'm English first and have no trouble criticising my party when I think they are wrong - as with the failure to support an English Parliament.

I will be voting Conservative at the next general election as any other vote will bring on a disaster on all of us.

Anonymous said...

Explains all......

Anonymous said...

The sale of English assets over the heads of the English by a foriegn government ie the British government with no democratic obligation to England, to a third party,doesn't count as a bone fide sale in English eyes

England can always reserve the right to repudiate the transaction ie take back the asset and no compensation