Friday, September 25, 2009

What is the G20 really becoming ?

Gordon Brown loves the G20.

That alone should eb enough to worry us. His most trusted leutenant is expected to leave the No 10 bunker to do unnecessary voluntary work for it.

Now its reported by the press association that:

    Under Mr Brown's proposals, countries would be required to submit their economic policies for review to ensure that they were moving in line with the direction set by the G20.

    The summit was also expected to agree that the one trillion dollar "fiscal stimulus" package to support the flagging global economy, which was agreed by the G20 in London last April, would continue until "a durable recovery is secure".

So we get a proto form of World economic government and a strap line for Gordon to hang his lets sacrifice your children and grandchildren to eternal debt slavery so I can stay in office a few more days strategy at the next general election ( assume the coward doesn't stand down first ).

Obama seems very keen on these institutions. Chairing a UN security council session and now pushing for a similar agenda.

The left like the G20 - they like everyone having to do what they are told - they like massive state debt as it ensures in a perverse sort of way the role of the state.

Is it time for a more sceptical view of the suddenly invented G20 from the right ?


Sue said...

New World Order you mean... they're all bloody power crazed. What are the odds we are at war with Iran pretty soon? Man in a dinner jacket doesn't seem too keen on joining the club!

Barking Spider said...

Yet more "common purpose" fascism from this bunch of lefties, MiaS!

Man in a Shed said...

Interesting to hear Dan Hannan on Newsnight just now raising concerns about the G20.

As you say it certainly walks and quacks like a conspiracy.