Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nuclear fantasy is really just insanity

The non-proliferation treaty has failed.

Pretending that key nuclear powers will work towards a world without nuclear weapons is just an enormous lie - and everyone knows it ( except for some unfortunate individuals who read the Guardian ).

There is only one way the world could be secure without nuclear weopons and that is an authoritarian single world government that would never tolerate schism, and there are plenty of people who will die in the ditches to stop that ( and some of them will be nuclear armed ).

So lets stop the Obama/Brown dangerous fantasy and start figuring out how will will have a nuclear armed peace.

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ContraTory said...

As various people have said in the past, you cannot uninvent nuclear technology. As long as there are North Koreas or Irans around, no one is going to actually dismantle their nuclear arsenals. Talk on the otherhand, is cheap.