Friday, September 25, 2009

Super nanny Brown threatens Iranian leader with the naughty step

Yes you'd better believe it.

And to show how serious Nanny is about her authority in the future she's getting rid of one of her last few Ballistic Subs and celebrating the extra diversity of the G20 where people will have to listen to her even less.

Your a very naughty boy Mr Ahmadinejad and if your don't do what Nanny says then she will be really cross and issue even more strong and highly serious sanctions and condemnations ( and perhaps release a few more convicted mass murders and cancel any unfortunate investigations into the cold blooded murder of a policewoman on the streets of London by a terrorist power ).

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James Higham said...

There's serious manoeuvering going on at this point. The touchstone will be from the other side and we won't be ready. Usual thing.