Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A quiet word about Virgin Media

  • The phone was answered quickly when I called to report my broadband fault, and I didn't have to navigate multiple layers of options ( maybe there were two - but it did feel bad ).
  • I spoke to some one who understood me ( I think she was in India, but she could hear me fine and didn't insist on stupid things like connecting my computer to the cable modem and removing my router before only using Windows XP before being willing to speak to me). She quickly identified that a visit was required from an engineer.
  • I had a range of appointment dates for an engineer to pop round within two working days the appointment time slot in half a working day.
  • The day before I had a txt message reminding me of the appointment
  • The engineer turned up when he said he would, fixed the issue in 5 mins and made an appointment for someone to check the local exchange box in the next few weeks.

My broadband now works - and is much faster also ( even the Wife notices ).

So - well done Virgin Media.

This was not always so. Its taken some time to produce this sort of customer service ( and I'm including NTL and Cable Com in this ), but you've arrived and made a loyal customer very happy.

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Anonymous said...

Try getting through now!!!