Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Devolution plan B - demonise the English

I'm just beginning to wonder if there isn't a plan to demonise those who want equivalent recognition of England to the other home countries.

We have Gordon Brown apparently receiving hate mail story on the BBC ( surely most celebrities receive their unfortunate share - and given Mr Brown's record he is a likely lighting conductor for such behaviour ). Not much is know about the sender except they are (shudder) pro-English.

Then we have all the media panic about the English Defence League ( in fairness I have no idea who they are - but all those dishing out the violence seemed to be left-wing counter demonstrators ).

And the announcements from Labour for the NHS and one crime when they mean the English NHS and English laws and English education.

Are we about to get another bout of demonising the English again as a convenient political ploy?

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