Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ongoing reaction to Brown's speech

He has only committed to reduce the deficit in 4 years time.

That means the national debt will sky rocket and keep climbing. He has no plans of paying it back.

The lending market won't stand for it.

The rest of his speech is full of spending commitments combined with internships ( free Labour which is how you get round the min wage these days and make sure only privileged kids get work ).

He also tried to identify himself as working class and middle class at the same time in a shameless grovel for votes.

Not sure I can stand listening to the rest of this DRIVEL ( as Tory Bear said on Guido log ).

Its still lists, misrepresentation and shear dishonest fantasy.

The man has no shame, or lacks the courage to tell people about the spectacular mess he has made of our country.

Labour U turn on 24hr drinking just announced.

I wonder how much of this applies to just England.

Anyway its all too depressing . Of to get some work done - we all have a lot of debt to pay back.

Update: He's just gone for the cowards way out on ID cards. Not cancelling it - or implementing it properly, but a half hearted please don't you let it stop you voting for me ME ME decision. This man makes you sick.

Further: Free personal care for those most likely to vote and keep Gordon in his job. How can this be paid for ? Its all spending committements - no efficiency and no CUTS. ( Even the Lib Dems have firgured out there will have to be cuts ).

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