Monday, September 21, 2009

More tax for the South of England as Scotland enjoys tax freeze - thanks Lib Dems

So the Lib Dems plan to punish the English who live in the South of England, especially the South East whilst at the same time their Celtic heartlands enjoy that money being hosed around in Scotland and Wales.

They will whinge on about anyone with a big house being able to "afford it" - but lets remember that money that goes to the government to pay for places like 75% public sector employee zones in the North doesn't get spent in the economy of the South of England. ( Today we have the Bank of England, for example, explaining what the impact of people cutting back is likely to be on the economy ),

The money has been taken from all of us here - but the Lib Dems will use their normal dishonest arguments to try and pass this of as a victimless attack.

The Lib Dems aren't even planning on using it to fund Gordon Brown's rising national debt, but to pay for bribes for more votes for their party in areas of Labour's heartland where they fancy their chances.

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