Monday, September 21, 2009

Lib Dem wealth tax fantasy to allow dishonesty with voters

They who have no chance of forming the next government need to win as many votes as possible to avoid their MPs having to earn a real living once they get their P45's when defending against Conservative challengers after the next election.

So on comes the classic idea of taxing only a few people to bride a large number of people.

Its the rule of the mob.

Its wealth tax.

It has no chance of being implemented - but in the fantasy world of Lib Dem conferences.

Its also a deception of the electorate. But whats new - its what the Lib Dems do - its who they are.

Now here the truth:

    1) Everyone is going to have to pay more tax.
    2) Many people has already been taxed at a massive stealth rate due to the devaluation of UK assets thanks to Labour's mismanagement of the economy and stealth taxation of private pensions. ( I'm guessing - after a brief back of envelope calculation that my middle class family is £50k worse off after one year ).
    3) Everything has to be paid for. there is no free education, health or other "services". As a decent society we want to support all, but lets stop calling things free. They aren't - and many provided by the highly inefficient public sector are very ruinously expensive ( which is tolerated as the employees vote Labour/Lib Dem ).
    4) Everyone is going to have to cut back.
    5)It will be 10-15 years until you have recovered from Gordon Brown's last 12 months for filling his boy hood dream that he has ruthlessly pushed all aside to achieve.

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