Saturday, July 04, 2009

We need to start really holding our politicians to account and jailing those who commit fraud by lying

Just read the following in a great article by Peter Oborne:

    Scandalously, defenders of the Government argue that this culture of deception is of no real importance — simply part of the cut-and-thrust of political debate. I disagree most vehemently.

    Imagine, for example, that the chairman of one of our large private companies, such as BP, had conducted himself as Gordon Brown has done in recent weeks and lied to the Stock Market about BP’s future investment and spending plans. He’d have been forced out of his job by now.

    Indeed, it is also highly likely that he would have been visited by the City of London fraud squad and be facing a jail sentence.

It occurs to me that this is precisely what's wrong right now. Gordon Brown should have been arrested by now and be on trial for fraud. In Labour's modernised without morales society they lie as they breath. There need to be consequences.

Brown has condemned our country to poverty for a generation - he should stand trial for the contested truths he spouts ( just as a company director would ) and assuming he gets convicted be sent to prison for a decade.


James Higham said...

It occurs to me that this is precisely what's wrong right now. Gordon Brown should have been arrested by now and be on trial for fraud.

That would have to come after his trial and execution for treason.

wildgoose said...

We used to arrest failed politicians and throw them in The Tower.

Sometimes the old ways are the best...

Letters From A Tory said...

The problem is that politicians are not subject to any rules about lying or deception. Brown can just lie to the public if he wants to. It is only in a general election that we can get our own back.

Man in a Shed said...

James & Wildgoose - Maybe its the summer heat, but I can't get over the idea that a good old fashioned lynching would make me feel better (ok its a urge I will ignore to remain civilised). I guess that's why we have Nov 5th bonfires to get this out of our system.

LFAT - The weak point here is that voting a democracy only work if adequate information which is concise enough and suitable comment is available to the electorate. With one side just lying the election depends on the media being willing to keep tell the population that its the case. ( As Fraser Nelson said we assume the Brown camp think they can't keep doing this ).

Elby the Beserk said...

There's a campaign up and running already, supported by several MPs to make lying by politicians a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Ministry Of Truth

As for a lynching or two whilst we wait? Yup, sure.