Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah - hate to break it to you but its your husband who's exporting Gary McKinnon to a life in prison in the US

The desperation and hypocrisy of Labour is getting beyond belief. Sarah Brown has the nerve to sympathise with the the campaign to stop the automatic extradition of Gary McKinnon - under legislation that Labour brought in !

Labour were warned about the consequences of their abandonment of the government sovereign rite to protect its citizens, but as ever they thought they knew better.

Instead of the crocodile tears, how about getting her husband to the dispatch box to apologise and beg for forgiveness for allowing such an unequal extradition arrangement to exist ( and the one with EU countries also ) and to beg the house to repeal the relevant Labour legislation ?

PS What won't Sarah Brown do to get headlines right now ? She is as guilty of the destruction and demise of the UK caused by her husband as any of the other in the gutless Labour group that allows the unlelcted prime minister to continue for one more day in office.

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