Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Labour are really in favour of PR - their fear of England

Screen shot from Labour Home

Its all about trying to keep Labour in power .... The First Post's Mole made a similar point yesterday here...

This shows the straight dishonest about Labour's purpose. The current system that has allowed them absolute power for 12 years is about to kick them out, so they want to change the rules. Typical shameless Labour.

As it happens I think they are wrong. Any system of politics will establish and equilibrium.

If the desire of the English people to have their own parliament was honoured then a new type of Labour party - one with English rather than Celtic roots would emerge. It would win support in England and surely one day be in government. Events in Welsh and Scottish devolution have shown that even an established dominant party can be displaced within a home nations politics.

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Fausty said...

Not to mention Labour's shameless 'misrepresentations' in debates. They appear to have no conscience. A truly are a shameless bunch.

Who'd've thought that Scottish Nationals would ever side with the Conservatives (and vice versa).

The writing is on the wall. Labour is writing on a different wall and it will discover that, come the election, their wall is covered in graffiti.