Thursday, June 25, 2009

Referendums combined with general elections are a dirty trick and should be banned

There have now been two suggested referendums to be combined with the next general election.

In both case ( electoral reform and Scottish independence ) its not the referendum question that's the motivation, but a desire to hold up the Labour vote.

It shows you the lengths that Labour will toy with to hang onto power.

The answer should be that no referendum is necessary with parties seeking election on manifesto's ( which could themselves include plans for subsequent referendums ).

The Conservatives should refuse to be bound by any such results and bring in laws to outlaw such cheap tactics in future elections.

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Fausty said...

I believe this one has been kicked into the long grass on the grounds that it would be impossible to formulate a system, debate it, and write it into law before the general election.

We should kick up a hell of a fuss if the b*stards try. I'm sure they will!