Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tax credit fiasco carries on - wasting my time

Gordon Brown fiendishly complicated and bizarre Tax Credits scheme - designed to turn the middle classes into government hand out junkies just like the core support Labour abuses so happily for its votes - just gets worse each year.

First there were the happy adverts with "its money with your name in it", then came the mildly threatening adverts, now they just threaten to withdraw the tax rebate if you don't spend hours redoing your tax return ( but using gross rather than net figures - unlike your tax return ).

The fact that changes in circumstances are very hard to keep track of is another worry. So this morning I've been trying to phone them up to give them and estimate of this years income ( very different and a lot down on the previous year ). You can't get through - due to high demand - the recorded message then goes on to tell you the office hours during which they should, but won't be answering the phone.

Dear Mr Osborne - I suggest you just abolish the whole system on day one. Avoid the over head of gathering the money ( and paying people and their gold plate pensions to do it ), and then paying another army of people ( and paying for them and their gold plated public sector pensions to do it ) and annoying me every year as I have to spend hours getting my figures together (unpaid - pension losing 15-18% per years thanks to that insane economic criminal Gordon Brown).


Anonymous said...

But if we simplified Gordon's Byzantine tax and credits systems loads of us would be on the dole. That's why these systems were created - so people can be in pointless jobs that sap resources and do nothing to create prosperity.

Man in a Shed said...

Yep - that's pretty much my point !