Monday, June 08, 2009

The Labour spin line du jour

Is to blame "Expenses" and "the World economic crisis" ( at least they've learnt to stop smearing the US ). This must be in todays "what words to come out of your mouth" email.

Its typical. I've never seen a half honest assessment of election results from a Labour politician since New Labour came into existence. They just read out what their pager (remember the days ?) and blackberry tell them.

The interviewer asks the question "What do you think ....? ", but with Labour its never answered as what you get is what they can remember of the party line today.

This sort of mindless obedience, which is enforced by the vicious bullying operation run by Gordon Brown's associates, seems to carry on in government also. We know Blair just saw the whole cabinet as window dressing round his sofa. Brown swore he'd change that, but obviously is still very dismissive of members of his government.

One of the reasons for the paralysis of Labour's government ( as evidenced by the very light legislative programme ) is the lack of independent thought from an ever shallower pool of talent ( which is in part why Labour now has to appoint people to the Lord's to cover up the inadequacies of the people it has as MPs and their lack of talent - or worse in Labour eyes- their lack of dumb loyalty to the Dear Bully ).

Labour are sinister and it is now clear that most of their MPs are cowards who put keeping a general election away and money flowing from the tax payer into their pockets far higher as a priority than the country they claim to serve.

Its time for Conservative commentators to start pocking fun at the lack of free thought int he Labour party and its slavish devotion to the spin that comes from Downing street and its dark heart.

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Letters From A Tory said...

Nick Brown and Harriet Harman were trying the 'expenses / economy' crap last night on the BBC for hours, but no-one seriously bought it.