Friday, June 19, 2009

The knock on effect of the outing of NightJack

There are some great blogs written under pseudonyms out there which give us insight into a world that the state tries to hide from us.

Obvious examples are:

Lets be clear the establishment ( which for the effective life time of the blogsphere has meant to left wing establishment of the Govt, BBC, Labour party, and much of the MSM ) didn't want you to ever hear what these people had to say.

But when you read what they tell you you realise why. They are the confirmation about how we are deceived and mislead.

Whilst the government says it protects whistle blowers, it really hounds them down. In exposing Night Jack the Times has done their dirty work for them and spread fear as can be seen here from .

Better read her blog before the thought police come for her as well ....


marksany said...

Here's Danny F giving support to Civil Serf

I wonder why he didn't feel the same way about NightJack?

Danny's column got me interested in blogs and blogging and I thought he was the most switched-on MSM about bloggers. And then he goes and outs one - bastard.

I'm not going to read another word the man writes or pay a penny to Murdoch ever again.

Alex said...

And of course The Times has previous for outing anonymous bloggers (Girl With A One Track Mind) - not sure what they hoped to gain from it other than a lot of bad press online.