Friday, June 19, 2009

Just answer the bloody question !

Like almost everyone else, or at least those who aren't life long Labour supporters who are in some sort of catatonic denial of the facts, I've had enough of the refusal to answer questions from crown ministers who put loyalty to party far ahead of their duty to the country they are supposed to serve.

Labour have a whole set of standard ways of avoiding answering questions. Radio and TV interviews with Labour ministers are now nothing of the sort. They area series of questions followed by what Jeff Randal describes today as "replies" rather than answers.

And don't even start me on Brown at PMQs....

I certainly seem to remember it was never this bad in the past. There were certainly occasions, such as Michael Howard's stone walling of Jeremy Paxman in the Major government years. But I'm sure it was never this bad.

Its a serious issue as our democracy just can't function without conscious debate aimed at the electorate. If marketing, spin focus groups and mood music combined with the narrative succeed then we have ll become enslaved.

I'd like to propose an ongoing blog titled "Just answer the bloody question" devoted to the failure of our politicians ( of whatever party ) to do just that.

The way I see it working is a number of co-authors for the blog with most articles cross posted from the bloggers normal blogs. The blog would work as a campaign for say 6 months or so, much as the 4 David Davis 4 Freedom worked. I'm open to ideas or other suggestions.

I just think its a bloody outrage that in this time of extreme financial peril we're not getting proper information and answers from Crown Ministers.

Anyone interested then let me know in comments or via email.


Techno Mystic said...

The account of the 1997 Howard/Paxman incident at the Wikipedia is interesting, implying that Paxman was merely filling time because the next item wasn't ready, and that Howard did actually answer the question, he just didn't respond to the accusation that he threatened anybody.

John said...

How about this from William Hague a few weeks ago.

James Higham said...

You're right and I've just been looking at one such person in Canada, of the CHRC and she does the same thing.

Someone seems to be distributing a handbook worldwide to these people.