Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Ed Balls telling a Brownie about the money he's cutting from the Education budget ?

At about lunch time I wondered, on hearing radio 4 explain how Capita had a contract to enforce run the National Literacy and Numeracy scheme if saving money might also be a motive for Labour.

But then I heard Ed Balls being interviewed and my memory of that interview was he promised to pass the money ( which would be "ring fenced" on to schools to do the same job ).

Now I'm not quite sure what teachers need to spend the money on, but the Daily Mail tells this story as the government saving £100 million on spending on consultants.

Could Ed Balls be telling us a Brownie ?

The signs will be other government projects that involve consultants being cancelled as the money runs out. The Government has approved just 13 of 144 frozen further education projects – and every one in a Labour seat. The rest are swinging in the wind.

The money is running out, but being the shameless Labour party with the moral courage of sewer rats they may be dressing up what they have to do as a great initiative. Of course the Unions will love it - maybe they'll even help the Labour party out with its funding problems ?

This one needs watching closely - they have past form on this.

PS Also note that they rubbed Speaker Bercow's nose in the dirt by announcing to the media ( as they always have - only the shameless Labour party has done this - it has nothing to do with "the News cycle made me do it" excuse dished up by the back after scandal Peter Hain last week. Same old disgusting Labour types ruining our country as usual ).

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