Friday, June 26, 2009

The anonymous briefings and smears against the Bank of England Governor

So what's changed since Damian McBride was allowed to resign instead of being sacked ?

Not much - same Labour same dirty tricks, same willingness to destroy the country for their own selfish careers. ( They perhaps hope to bully Mervyn King into silence about the debt disaster that the arrogance of Gordon Brown has sold our lives and those of our children into. )

See the Daily Mail on the campaign against the one man in public office who has an interest in our country that goes beyond June 2010, Labour are so desperate and vindictive that they will even strip the Bank of England of its remaining powers to give them to Gordon Brown's monster FSA that failed the country so disastrously over the last two years just out of vicious spite.

I think we should be considering putting current ministers on trial for treason if they are shown to be destroying the country for party political or narrow selfish interest.

They are destroying the future for their present. They should be made to pay for it personally through the justice system - if new laws are required for that then fine lets have them.

Update: It seems to me that an independent Bank of England is fine whilst it agrees with Brown and Labour, and when it doesn't its needs to have powers stripped from it. That isn't indepenent at all !

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