Monday, May 18, 2009

The next speaker must be English

Since Labour's anti-English devolution settlement and its campaign against the identity of England with is EU inspired regional balkanisation campaign England has never been in a position with less natural justice and more exploitation by the other members of the Union.

Its time that a convention was established where, as long as the British Parliament that sits in Westminster is the only Parliament that England has representation in that its speaker should be representing an English constituency.

The role of the speaker is about to get much more important with the next parliament for the English, even if we are to be currently denied our sovereign right and popular wish for our own Parliament - as is granted to all the other peoples of these isles.

The next speaker must be an MP for an English constituency and ideally be English.


Letters From A Tory said...

So that's a 'no' for Ming Campbell then?

Wyrdtimes said...

Frank Field would be best choice in my opinion.

But personally I'd prefer no Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish MPs at Westminster and half the number of MPs i.e. an English Parliament.

It would save a fortune and at last the English would get the recognition and representation they deserve.

Man in a Shed said...

@LFAT Yes. The future speaker will most likely have a role in designating legislation as applying to "England only". A Scottish politician who has a Scottish seat could not be seen as looking after England's interests.

@Wyrdtimes. It would be a shame to take Frank Field out of circulation this way. Ideally someone like Kate Hoey would be good, but I bet she's too unpopular with MPs.

Ken Clarke would solve a lot of problems that the Conservatives are going to have with him in the future.

What's needed is some one with the intelligence and wit, but self depreciation to serve.

Anonymous said...

there are plenty of English bastards about the place. English interests could be best served by having a speaker who wasn't a dishonest lout. a "made in England" sticker on another oaf wouldn't solve the problem.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - as you say it won't solve the problem, but it will remove a key conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

Man in a Shed - the conflict of interest has resulted from NuLab's destruction of the Unity of the United Kingdom, plus the current Speaker being somewhat less than honest (in attemting to exempt expenses from the FOI) .... however, you are right i suppose. under the current system of devolved assemblies, England would be better represented by an English Speaker and parliament. the United Kingdom is no longer United, which is sad.

Anonymous said...

Frank Field would be my choice.

This though has to be only the first step in reforming the parliament. Other than reforming the expenses system, the number of MP's should be reduced as well.

Man in a Shed said...

@Dalesman - what I fear about appointing Frank Field is that it wopuld silence him. And his is a very important a necessary voice.

Also he's fairly quietly spoken, and I suspect the office of Speaker requires a louder voice.

John Bercow would be good. He's married to a Labour MP and has made a political journey himself, so has the independence of thought. Whilst I might not approve of all his politics I think he'd make a good speaker.

The Big Dollop said...

In all probability the Scottish MPs influence at Westminster will diminish greatly after the next general election for the conservatives will more than likely win by a landslide.

I sometimes get the impression most people down in England are more concerned with getting rid of Gordon Brown as PM than they are about getting rid of a labour majority in the House of Commons.

As a Scotsman I do understand and acknowledge the resentment of English people at the cynical way this government have used the 50 odd Scottish MPs to force through legislation that pertains to issues concerning so called “English Matters”

Tony Blair has a lot to answer for with his policy of devolved government for the people of Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland whilst ignoring the same courtesy for the people of England.

Kind Regards Sir